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Help a Patient

Your sponsorship of a patient or other donation will help organize and operate systems of health care for chronic disease throughout the world.

What My Donation Provides

With your support, Chronic Care International will partner with local and international organizations to help provide:


  • the design of programs that prevent and treat chronic diseases

  • operational staff and funding for programs

  • education for professionals, patients, and community health support

  • electronic medical records and other information technology

  • medications, medical equipment, and supplies

  • laboratory testing

These resources prevent and treat the complications of diabetes and hypertension - complications such as blindness, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, or leg amputation.

How can I help?

Results in the Dominican Republic

CCI’s healthcare model has produced results that are on par with results in the United States. In CCI's project in the Dominican Republic, the percentage of patients with good management of their diabetes or blood pressure has increased steadily over recent years, surpassing the results often found in the United States.

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