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Chronic Disease in Developing Countries


In developing countries, chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be devastating. In adults, they can lead to blindness, heart disease, or amputation. And children may have to leave school to care for their parents, which extends the cycle of poverty.


Caring for people with chronic disease requires a long-term and systematic program of health care. But diabetes and high blood pressure are also manageable conditions, even in the poor areas of developing countries.

CCI's Electronic Medical Records


CCI's U.S. Team travels to the Dominican Republic several times each year, but it also follows the progress of Dominican patients through an Internet database. Medical data are input from the local communities and are monitored from the United States, with feedback to the local healthcare team.


This system allows CCI to ensure the effectiveness of treatment, while multiplying the impact of funds from its generous donors. For a patient in the Dominican Republic, only $30 U.S. per month covers the education, lab testing, medications, doctor visits, and community health support needed to prevent the complications of diabetes or hypertension - complications such as blindness, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, or leg amputation.


CCI's Healthcare Model


The Diabetes and Hypertension Team of Chronic Care International (CCI) helps to organize multi-level systems of health care to prevent and manage chronic diseases in countries such as the Dominican Republic.


CCI's U.S. Team provides medical supplies, professional training, and supervision for a CCI Team in the Dominican Republic of doctors, nurses, and community health promoters. Then this local team provides medical care, self-care education, and emotional support to patients within their communities.


CCI’s program goal is to teach patients how to manage their own diabetes and hypertension, and to have Dominicans assume all responsibilities for the program over time.


CCI’s program goal is to teach patients how to manage their own diabetes and hypertension, and to have Dominicans assume all responsibilities for the program over time.

CCI's Patient Results


In the Dominican Republic, CCI’s healthcare model has produced results that are on par with results in the United States. This is due primarily to the cooperadores – healthcare promoters who work with patients in their local communities.


In CCI’s program in the DR, the percentage of patients with good A1c results has increased steadily over recent years. An A1c test is a blood test for diagnosing diabetes and for measuring how well a patient’s diabetes is being managed. There has also been a steady increase in the percentage of patients with good management of their blood pressure.


These results surpass those often found in the United States. And although in the United States it costs on average about $3,000-$3,500 each year to manage the diabetes of a single patient, that cost for CCI in the Dominican Republic is about $360 per year.

Patient Associations


A patient association is an organization of the patients who receive health care from a single clinic. The vision is for the clinic to become a focal point from which communities can deal with chronic disease in a way that is effective and financially self-sustaining. Each patient association has a three-fold mission: (1) conectar, “to connect” patients with one another in order to prevent the isolation that compounds the harms of chronic disease; (2) apoyar, “to support” patients in the self-management of their chronic disease, and inspire them to share their creativity, skills and time to financially sustain and spread the healthcare program; and (3) transformar, “to transform” the social and environmental factors that promote poor health, in order to create a foundation of healthy patients, healthy families, and healthy communities on which the next generation can stand.

In a short video on the Programs page, several patients comment on the beneficial effects of CCI’s program on their lives.

Covid-19 Response


At each of CCI’s clinics, a patient association helps to address the Covid-19 pandemic. During social distancing, CCI’s Dominican team must distribute medication and information directly to small groups of patients. Fighting the added risk from Covid-19 requires more resources, at the same time that the pandemic is undermining economic resources. Patient associations are helping to provide those resources. You too can contribute HERE. Or send your tax-deductible donation to: Chronic Care International, 12370 Rose Lane, Omaha, NE 68154, USA. Thank you for your generosity!


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