Our Mission

The Mission of CCI is to help protect and improve the health of individuals throughout the world by preventing chronic illnesses and their complications. In partnership with local and international organizations CCI will provide help with program design, education, information technology, medications, medical equipment and supplies, and operational funding for chronic disease prevention and treatment projects.

The Problem

Diabetes and hypertension represent the most common chronic diseases in the world. They lead to unnecessary suffering in millions of people. They contribute to heart disease, which is the leading killer across the globe. Families are disrupted because parents become disabled and children must leave school to work, which further feeds the cycle of poverty.


The Program

Chronic Care International began its diabetes and hypertension program in the Dominican Republic in 2010. We treat more than 900 people with diabetes and hypertension through education and high quality medical care. Services provided include: education. doctor visits, medications, lab testing, community events, outreach services, and electronic data monitoring.

  • Education

  • Doctor visits

  • Medications

  • Lab testing

  • Community events 

  • Outreach services

  • Electronic data monitoring

Services Provided