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Our Services

CCI's U.S. Team provides medical supplies, professional training, and supervision to local teams of doctors, nurses, and community health promoters who are able to provide medical care, self-care, and emotional support to patients within their communities.

Services Provided

  • Education

  • Doctor Visits

  • Medications

  • Lab Testing

  • Community Events

  • Outreach Services

  • Electronic Data Monitoring



Patient Associations

Patients are organized into small groups to create a community for individuals with similar needs so that they can support and grow with each other. Each patient association has a three-fold mission:

  1. Conectar - “to connect” patients with one another in order to prevent the isolation that compounds the harms of chronic disease.

  2. Apoyar - “to support” patients in the self-management of their chronic disease, and inspire them to share their creativity, skills and time to financially sustain and spread the healthcare program.

  3. Transformar - “to transform” the social and environmental factors that promote poor health, in order to create a foundation of healthy patients, healthy families, and healthy communities on which the next generation can stand.

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