In this video, several of CCI’s patients in the Dominican Republic comment on being diagnosed with diabetes; their introduction to the CCI program; the effect on their lives of a healthy diet, exercise, and medications; and their motivation to sustain the program and expand it to others.

After the earthquake in 2010, the European Union built a water filtration system for approximately 52,000 people in Limonade, Haiti. Unfortunately, the people cannot afford the chlorine to purify the water or the maintenance to run the generator. Water for Haiti buys the chlorine, while at the same time educating children in the United States about the importance of clean water accessibility and how they can help provide for those in need.

Founded in April of 2014, the organization was established to bolster the flow of desperately needed resources to the nuns and priest in Ouanaminth who feed the homeless children of the border town.  Three daily meals are prepared and served to the children—all of whom are under the age of 15.  We also house three children who would otherwise be homeless.  With each meal costing approximately $0.50, a child can be properly fed for less than two dollars per day.

The Diabetes and Hypertension Program in the Dominican Republic

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